Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Final Blog on Atlantic to Mediterranean Challenge

They made it to the Med!

We are off home now for a bit of a rest - Peter has a boat to build and David has to concentrate on his bee-keeping. A massive thank you to all our generous supporters who propped us up in heaps of different ways and cajoled us with fun messages when the going got tough! To anyone who hasn't yet seen it, the website is well worth a visit - It shows all the many and varied projects that this amazing Trust has supported in such a short time - it also makes sense of why we wanted to bicycle for 330 mls (528kms). Why wouldn't we want to! There also happens to be an omnibus edition of our blog in case you missed any!

Just a gentle reminder that if anyone would still like to donate, 'lines are still open' till 21 June on:

The final total will be on the JWT website by the end of June.

The challenge is out there to others to beat our time from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean or to set a new course with a new route, in aid of the Jo Walters Trust of course. We feel fitter (in spite of wonky necks, dodgy knees and bumps and bruises), we did what we set out to do - we made it, Jo!

Peter and David

Peter and David with the JWT banner