Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 6: Carcassone to Argens-Minervois

Sunday 18th Day 6:

We have had two days off and were suitably rested at the wonderful Chateau Rives-Blanques. Vicky had to return to work to keep Peter in the style to which he is accustomed. We continue our journey.

Leaving Chateau Rives Blanc

We left Carcassonne at midday along the southern bank of Canal du midi. The tow path was in a surprisingly good condition. There were lots of day cyclists, walkers and children but they disappeared after we left the city. We cycled passed a British Steam launch whose owner was busy sawing up sticks for his boiler and later a crocodile basking on the canal bank.

The crocodile

We had a late lunch in Trebes in the sunshine and were joined by the remaining member of the support team, Mary who had been tracking us on her phone. Then off again with the canal rapidly losing height through a series of locks as we made our way towards Homs. The tow path, initially good, finally changed to slippery mud and before long David had taken several tumbles including one which almost had him ending up in the canal.

As before a road was called for and again we found one. We were very quickly up to speed and following Keith Steel's advice, David tucked himself behind Peter and before long we were tearing along at more than 25 mph! Peter failed to get away! We dismounted our bikes at Argens-Minervois after a 28 mile ride and headed for our superior B&B.

 Peter and David