Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Arran Troon Swim - Barbara Johnston's write up

The good friends  I have
You're mad to consider
A swim in September.
The sea's cold and remember
You are not in the first flush of youth.

I'm not quite decrepit
I protested and told them
For a cause and a chance
that will not be repeated
I won't be defeated.

As training progressed though
My confidence ebbed
As  team members moved onwards with speed
But  their encouragement cheered me, helped to assure me
While jellyfish danced in my 'heed'

The morning came ...early
We were suited and booted
I was nervous but anxious to go
For skippers, kayakers, coaches and sponsors
Supporters and mainly for Jo
We just had to swim..and did so.

Barbara Johnston

Barbara starting one of her swims